Available Incentives for participating in the Taiwan Tourism School

While the Taiwan Tourism School courses are free and open to anyone around the world, we are currently focused on incentivizing Canadian travel trade to complete our Taiwan Tourism 101 course. We have incentives available for both individuals and companies:

Company sales bonuses

The first 20 Canadian companies to successfully book 30 passengers (PAX) traveling to Taiwan by 31st August 2024 will earn a CA$1,000 bonus.

Important notes & terms:

  • For flights:
  • 1 PAX is counted as 1 person flying from Canada to Taiwan or staying in a hotel in Taiwan before or on 31st August 2024.
  • If the flight is not direct, please include details of all flights in the journey to Taiwan.
  • For hotels:
  • 1 room can be used for up to 2 of your counted PAX.
  • Each traveler is counted as only 1 PAX, even if they have multiple hotel bookings.
  • In order for a company to qualify for this incentive, the company must be officially registered in Canada, with its primary business being focused on selling travel services to Canadians, such as travel/tour agencies etc.
  • After at least 1 employee, using an email address of the company's official domain name (i.e. @companyname.com - Personal email addresses such as @gmail.com or @hotmail.com will not be accepted), completes the Taiwan Tourism 101 course, and earns a certificate, you have from that date until 31st August 2024 to sell at least 30 flight tickets to Taiwan.
  • To apply for this sales bonus incentive, you must be one of the first 20 companies to complete this form and email it to [email protected].
  • Please note: The cash bonus will only be transferred to a bank account in the name of the officially registered company (no personal accounts), and you are responsible for any subsequent tax liabilities or expenses associated with receiving that bonus.

Individual incentives [ENDED]

For the first 20 individuals that work for a Canadian travel sales/advisory company (such as travel/tour agency, etc.) that complete our Taiwan Tourism 101 course and are issued with a certificate, we will provide you with a CA$100 Amazon gift card, which will be delivered to your email address.

Important notes & terms:

  • In order to qualify for this incentive, you must be a resident of Canada, and sign up for the course using your work email on your company's domain name (generic email addresses such as @gmail.com or @hotmail.com etc. will not be accepted.) If you do primarily operate with a generic email address, please email us for some additional verification steps after completing the course.
  • After completing your course and earning your certificate, please email your certificate to [email protected]
  • Once we have verified that you qualify, and that you were one of the first 20 qualifying individuals to complete the course, we will issue you with an electronic Amazon.ca gift card valued at CA$100.
  • Please note: This incentive is limited to 1 per company, so it is important that you are the first person in your company to complete the course if you wish to benefit from this incentive.

For any questions about these incentives, please email [email protected]